Revolutionary New Tip Spin Tip Jar

Tip Spin, a clever tip jar idea gives refreshing novelty to an old custom, will attract attention and invite conversation, while encouraging more generous tips. The spinning lights will definitely get your customer or audience attention. With an exclusive 30 day double tip guarantee, the Tip Spin is the tip jar for the 21st century!

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The Amazing Tip Spin Electronic Tip Jar Grabs Your Customers Attention

A new battery powered designer LED electronic tip jar for sale for coffee shops, hair salons, boutiques, yogurt shops, bars, restaurants, nail salons, bakeries, fast food, pizzeria, diner, hotels, poets, musicians, street performers, street vendors, or any other establishment or individual that accepts tips has now come to market with amazing results. The new Tip Spin tip jar is a designer tip jar with a sleek design, an inviting wide mouth opening, and eye-catching illuminated LED spinning lights that’s simply battery powered with 360 hours of high powered battery life.

Available now in multi-colored, blue or green flashing LED lights this battery powered LED lighted Tip Spin ® tip jar outperforms every hand-made or manufactured tip jar on the market. With an exclusive 30 day double tip guarantee, you can try the Tip Spin tip jar risk free as we are so confident you will double or possibly triple the amount of tip jar money your staff will receive, we offer a complete 30 day money-back guarantee!

Tipping in the United States is a 30 billion dollar per year industry and tip jars produce a substantial amount of this income for our nation’s service providers. There are more than four million Americans in the food and beverage industry relying on tips as a portion of their income (including bartenders, waiters and waitresses, hosts and hostesses, counter attendants, bartender helpers and more).

With 99% of all tip jars being a simple glass jar or metal can with a piece of paper taped on it saying “Tips” it is quite obvious this is an overlooked nugget of marketing opportunity for these service providers.

Tips have traditionally been a large part of millions of service provider’s income. In fact, as politicians argue over the minimum wage controversy they have conveniently left out the tipping side of so many minimum wage workers and the possibility of improving the amount of tips provided through marketing opportunities.

With the Tip Spin tip jar catching the human eye with the illuminated LED lights the first step to an increase in tips has been completed. So often a small glass jar sitting on a busy counter gets overlooked by customers in a hurry to make their purchase and leave. With the eye-catching spinning lights 100% of the patrons will see the designer tip jar which will at a minimum create a topic of conversation that could lead to more people tipping and perhaps even more people tipping more money, each and every time!

This high quality gratuity tip jar is the perfect electronic tip jar, bar tender tip jar, wedding tip jar, coffee shop tip jar, yogurt shop tip jar, hair salon tip jar, juice bar tip jar, or any establishment that accepts tips. This is the most exciting tip jar in the world!

Tip Spin - LED Tip Jar - Electronic Tip Jar Tip Spin - LED Tip Jar - Electronic Tip Jar

Each Tip Spin tip jar comes with a standard sticker matching the color of the illuminated lights chosen but through various Internet sources an establishment can simply order a customer sticker promoting their store brand. What a great way to get extra branding for your business, increase employee income, create a unique topic of conversation, and ultimately have more happy customers and of course employees!

The Tip Spin electronic tip jar is available in a standard five inch version that is powered by four Double-A batteries with a life expectancy of 360 hours. Energize your employees today with the purchase of our unique designer tip jar, Tip Spin, and watch the smiles on your employee’s faces! Order today!

What Our Customers Say

“We opened our little cafe about 2 years ago. We have a good clientelle in a good neighbrhood. When we tried the Tip Spin, our tips went through the roof! It’s cute and engaging and very good for our employees. Thank You Tip Spin!”

Jean Newbold

Culver City

Revolutionary New Tip Spin Tip Jar

Tip Spin, a clever tip jar idea gives refreshing novelty to an old custom, will attract attention and invite conversation, while encouraging more generous tips. The spinning lights will definitely get your customer or audience attention. With an exclusive 30 day double tip guarantee, the Tip Spin is the tip jar for the 21st century!

Electronic Tip Jar Gets More Cash Guaranteed!

#1 Tip Spin Tip Jar that Outperforms Every Tip Jar on the Market, Guaranteed! Double your tips or Even Triple them with this Electronic Battery Powered LED Lit Tip Jar that has 360 Hours of Battery Usage. Nothing Compares to the Tip Spin Tip Jar When it comes to Making More Money, Guaranteed! Let your customers give your employees that well deserved raise they have been looking for. They deserve more money!

You may just Googled “Where can I buy a tip jar?” Perhaps you Googled the search term “Electronic LED tip jar for sale”? Well, you have found the right website as we sell the #1 tip jar in the world. There is no tip jar that even comes close to producing more cash in it than the Tip Spin tip jar. Do the math……on the low end, and extra $5.00 per day is $150.00 per month or $1,800.00 per year. However, you can easily expect and extra $25.00 or more per day utilizing the Tip Spin tip jar. So, $25.00 per day times 30 days is $750.00 per month times twelve months is $9,000.00 extra per year. Now, if you are in a bar, nightclub, or a Las Vegas style waitress, you could see an extra $100.00 per night which is $3,000.00 extra per month which is an extra $36,000.00 per year. Action begets action! Order Tip Spin now!

Tip jars have been in businesses for more than one hundred years. In fact, they are a common site in restaurants, hair salons, bars, nightclubs, juice bars, food trucks, Uber, Lyft, Yogurt Land, Subway, yogurt shops, ice cream parlors, Starbucks, DJ’s, Coffee Bean, nail salons, bakeries, delis, coffee shops, pizza parlors, street performers, poets, shoe shiner’s, barber shops, beauty parlors, and musicians on stage.

“Service providers in this country work very hard for their money and customers should gladly tip for good service” says Tip Spin inventor Derek Emery.

Yet sadly this often is not the case which can result in employee turnover, poor service, and a general disconnect between patron and server. All of these issues can result in a loss of income for businesses, decreased wages for employees and a lessened experience for consumers. Service providers work on their heels all day long and deserve more money.

I invented the Tip Spin tip jar because all I have ever seen is a glass jar with a piece of paper taped on it saying “Tips”. I wanted to invent a universally applicable tip jar that catches the customer’s attention and rewards the service provider for good service. The standard do it yourself (DIY) tip jar is the biggest missed opportunity in service provider marketing.

Introducing the revolutionary new tip jar called Tip Spin. This battery powered LED electronic tip jar is the most effective way to double or more the amount of tips received, guaranteed! This lighted tip jar has been tested in hundreds of establishments and has seen a 25% increase in tip money without the lights turned on and a 200% or more increase when the LED lights are spinning. Employees deserve the money! This tip jar is a great topic of conversation. The great comments customers say are truly remarkable. The effect of this tip jar on your employees will be amazing.

Why should a business that accepts tips not see their tip jar as a marketing opportunity? The psychology of consumers is already accustomed to tipping so it only makes sense to make the tip experience fun and exciting. Our Tip Spin tip jar has been called, cute, cool, funny, amazing, unique, effective, good, great, original, novelty, personalized, witty, best, unusual, pretty, decorating, quirky, interesting, awesome, clever, nice, nerdy, plastic, hilarious, homemade, LED, light up, karma, kitty, e tip jar, etsy, ebay cool, illuminated, lighted, most creative, most effective, vintage, electronic, and kids love it!

What is the revolutionary new Tip Spin? It is a clever tip jar that makes an old custom refreshing and new. It attracts attention and invites conversation, while encouraging more generous and frequent tips. The spinning lights are eye-catching and will undoubtedly get your customers attention.

Whether you are an employer trying to retain quality employees or you are trying to increase your own personal income, Tip Spin is for you.

What does the Tip Spin do for the employer?

Worker turnover is costly due to ongoing recruiting and training expenses. To retain quality employees that provide a top notch customer experience they have to be paid well.  Otherwise they WILL go to greener pastures.

If customers do not adequately tip, then employees will not make a decent living wage. Doubling employee tips is giving like them a substantial raise without any of that money coming out of the businesses pocket. This can give them a truly living wage that will not only retain them but also keep morale high. It is just more pleasant to come in to a workplace where everyone is happy and engaged. Plus, it is a way to let employees know that they are valued and that the company cares about their well- being and success.

Through use of the Tip Spin tip jar the employer will also offer a better customer experience. This improved level of customer service is because employees feel gratified that their services are appreciated. They are excited to continue to do good work and to continue to make good money. They feel good about their jobs and are happy to be there. Customers also enjoy the Tip Spin because it is memorable and gives them something fun to talk about.

What does the Tip Spin do for the service provider?

The Tip Spin tip jar helps employees make a living wage. It can make them feel good about themselves and their ability to provide for their families. It is also a fantastic solution for poets, musicians, street performers, street vendors and more. Anyone who receives tips can benefit from the Tip Spin by increasing their income. Tip jars have been around for decades.

Why does the Tip Spin tip jar work? Similar to a moving billboard style promotion it increases exposure and creates excitement. It is an effective way to increase customer engagement while making a fun and memorable experience. It is a conversation piece that can help brand a company, create buzz and amplify marketing efforts.

For a business to be successful, three entities need to win: the customer, the sales person or service provider and the business itself. Everyone should be a winner! The Tip Spin tip jar is a win across the board. In fact we are so confident that the Tip Spin battery powered lighted tip jar will double the amount of tips your staff will receive, we offer a complete 30 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

There isn’t a single reason not to try the amazing Tip Spin. A tip jar that truly belongs in the 21st century!

Tip Spin Electronic Tip Jar

Tip Spin can also showcase premium beverages for customer attraction.

Double Tips Guaranteed!

Try our 30 Day No RISK Double Tip Guarantee! We are so confident that the Tip Spin® battery powered tip jar will double the amount of tips your staff will receive, we offer a complete 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don’t generate double the tips in the tip jar, then return for a full and complete refund, no questions asked.

Double Employee Tips

Create Excitement

Increase Customer Engagement

Decrease Worker Turnover

Fun Customer Experience

Memorable Topic of Conversation

Improved Customer Service

Extra Branding for Your Company