Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tip Spin tip jar double-tip guarantee?

The Tip Spin double-tip guarantee is our 30 day money-back guarantee where you can purchase the Tip Spin tip jar risk free! If you do not double your tip money or more, we will gladly refund your money.

Who invented the Tip Spin tip jar?

The Tip Spin LED illuminated tip jar was invented by Derek Emery, who is an entrepreneur, business owner, and concerned citizen. Derek’s mission statement first and foremost is to provide more tip money for hard working people.

“Service providers in this country work very hard for their money and customers should gladly tip for good service!”

How long do the batteries last?

The battery life has been tested at twelve hour intervals lasting 30 straight days. We can confidently conclude using high quality batteries and using the Tip Spin tip jar on twelve hour intervals 30 days of battery life is easily obtainable.

What defines a good tip?

The average tip for restaurant service in the United States is 16%. Anything over 16% is a “good tip” based on the national average in 2007. It is estimated that over $40 billion is spent each year in the United States and Canada on tipping.

Why do I need the Tip Spin tip jar?

In this difficult economy, brand recognition and employee satisfaction are important elements of productive marketing. The Tip Spin tip jar celebrates good service with a fun tip jar that reflects the look and feel of the brand, increasing employee engagement and emotionally connecting

Tip Spin Electronic Tip Jar

Tip Spin Electronic Tip Jar

Tip Spin Electronic Tip Jar